what a woman should do before marriage

What my friend and sister went through in marriage calls for this article “what a woman should do before marriage.” A woman must do several things to get prepared for marriage. Not only doing this will reduce the number of issues that you’ll encounter in your marriage but also make you mentally and physically strong to face them.

If only we take precautions before marriage, the divorce rate will reduce drastically, especially on the part of the woman. Marriage is a close and intimate union. Marriage is willing to be joined with your spouse voluntarily for life. This is what every young woman longed for growing up. The degree of pressure society put on women regarding marriage is higher than that of men. Most women felt not complete and fulfilled at a certain age when marriage is not coming.

Choosing one man among the billions of men that exist on the earth should not be taken lightly. Seriousness must be attached to it; it calls for care, wisdom, and critical examination. In this article, Deworldinsights have highlighted 11 things a woman should do before marriage. Continue reading!

What A Woman Should Do Before Marriage

See If You Two Are Compatible

What A Woman Should Do Before Marriage

Most marriages happen before couples detect that they are not compatible. Seeing if you’re compatible with your man is what a woman should do before marriage. Check if you resonate with each other. How is your character, how is his? Character is the inherent complex of attributes that determines a person’s moral and ethical actions and reactions. It helps us to have a deeper bond or brings clashes, misunderstandings, and disputes when there’re too many differences.

Is he honest, reliable, loving, and humble, what about you? You need to see the future today and confirm whether you two will be able to live together in harmony. This way, you’ll make the best decision because marriage is a lifetime commitment. Don’t be in haste and make a mistake and say “this is not the man for me” or “this is not the man I wanted to marry”

What A Woman Should Do Before Marriage #2

Learn How To Be Submissive

What A Woman Should Do Before Marriage

If you’re not ready to incline or willing to submit to orders or wishes of your man then you’re not ready for marriage. Unless you want to be the man in the house, learn how to submissive before marriage. A good wife material must be submissive. The Holy Bible says that women should be submissive and men should love their wives. You may support your man but not to take control over him and the entire house.

What A Woman Should Do Before Marriage #3

Learn How To Organize The Home

What A Woman Should Do Before Marriage

Among what a woman should do before marriage, organizing the home can’t be left out. Imagine how you’ll reduce your status as a woman if you go into marriage without knowing how to organize yourself let alone the home. Learn how to organize the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. This is what a woman should do before marriage. Make sure things are in their appropriate places. Don’t be someone whose home is in disorder. You’ll do yourself a favor if you can organize herself, your man, the house, and the children that you will bear in the future.

What A Woman Should Do Before Marriage #4

Learn How To Communicate Well

What A Woman Should Do Before Marriage

One of the keys to a successful and happy marriage is good communication. What a woman should do before marriage is to know how to communicate well. Information if not communicated well will turn things to the negative side. The way you talk to your friends boldly and rudely may not work if married.

Learn where to communicate certain information and know when it’s appropriate to hold some discussions. Your choice of words matters a lot. Know where, when, and how to raise and lower your voice. How you communicate shows whether you’re mature or not.

What A Woman Should Do Before Marriage #5

Live Alone And Be Independent

What A Woman Should Do Before Marriage

What a woman should do before marriage number five here on the list is to be independent. Being independent means freedom and freedom means more responsibilities. To be independent, try living alone. Learn to manage yourself; money, time, and energy. Learn to manage your stress also. Be able to distinguish between needs and wants. Is when you’re free from external control and constraint that you can learn to be on your own. You don’t have to answer to anyone anymore but yourself. See how life is when you’re with family or friends and how life will be when married.

What A Woman Should Do Before Marriage #6

Knowing Yourself And Loving Yourself

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If you know yourself, you’ll understand your would-be husband very well. You need to know where your strengths and weaknesses are. Your likes and dislikes, your needs and desires, what makes you happy and what hurts you, your securities and insecurities, what you’re capable of doing, and when you need someone’s assistance.

When you identify these things about yourself, accept it as such because this is who you are. Not only will accepting who you truly are will help you love yourself but also creates self-awareness. Self-awareness is very useful in marriage. Conflict resolution is easier, dealing with others is easier, and being liked and loved by others too is easier.  

What A Woman Should Do Before Marriage #7

Examine If You Love Him

What A Woman Should Do Before Marriage

What a woman should do before marriage next is to examine if she likes and loves her would-be husband. It’s just a thin line that separates love from lust, which of these do you feel for your man? Do you follow him because of material things, Mansions, Luxury Cars, Fat Bank Account, or his looks? These material things can fade or disappear anytime.

Building marriage on such material things will not stand unless you have a business agreement rather than marriage. Love will stand the test of everything. It’s good to establish your marriage on a good foundation for a happy and long-lasting union. If you check up on yourself and realize that you don’t love him, consider pulling out. If you don’t love him naturally and accept him for who he is, the marriage will not travel far. Do you truly love him, again I ask you!

What A Woman Should Do Before Marriage #8

Be Financially Independent And Know How To Manage Finances

What A Woman Should Do Before Marriage

What a woman should do before marriage number 8 is to consider having a source of decent income. If you have a source of income see if it’s okay if not try expanding it. You need cash for the wedding and money to run the marriage after the wedding. The man is indeed the one going to marry you. It’s also true that naturally, it’s the man that should provide for the family. You need to support the man in all these aspects; moreover, you can’t depend on the man for everything.

Your future husband will respect you for being financially independent and also knowing how to manage finances. He won’t treat you like he rescued you from the bosom of hunger and deplorable living conditions. Experience shows that women who depend on their husbands tend to be unfaithful. Marriage worked together, hence, not one-sided brings peace, contentment, and a deeper bond between partners.

What A Woman Should Do Before Marriage #9

Learn How To Cook All Kinds Of Meals

What A Woman Should Do Before Marriage

Do you know that some marriages break because the woman cannot cook good food? Even if you know how to cook, learn it all over again to be sure. Traditionally and naturally, women are to be in charge of the kitchen. Learn to cook local and exotic dishes if possible.

Society and most men are unforgiving to women who can’t cook. Make your man closer to you by knowing how to cook well! You must know how to take care of your stomach of that of your will be husband and family. You should be familiar with the favorite foods of your man and know how to cook them.

What A Woman Should Do Before Marriage #10

Meet And Know His family

What A Woman Should Do Before Marriage

Do not forget you’re from a family and the same with him. Get closer to his family and be familiar with them. There is a saying that if you marry someone, you marry their family too. The earlier you create a healthy relationship with his family the better. Conflicts normally shoot up when about to marry so be on good terms with your family and his family and friends. Let him also get to know your family too, by this you’re preparing grounds for your marriage without issues.

What A Woman Should Do Before Marriage #11

Learn How To Handle Fights And Misunderstandings

What A Woman Should Do Before Marriage

It has always been said that no perfect relationship under this sun exists. As far as there’re humans involved, there will one or two limitations. You may clash from time to time when you get married. Grudges, misunderstandings are inevitable in human institutions. Fights and misunderstandings are not the problems themselves but the way you handle them will determine whether it will strengthen your marriage or break it apart.

Trees don’t grow on top of mountains but in valleys, so it is with marriage. Knowing how to handle fights and misunderstandings is one of the most important things a woman should do before marriage. Sometimes you must give in for peace to reign. If you don’t learn well how to handle issues, better, you stay and do your homework before you venture into the marriage institution!


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