Signs Of A Jealous Friend

How To Know If Your Friend Is Jealous Of You: Of what benefit will it be to you if you know the “signs of a jealous friend”? The word “jealous” means “Strongly wanting someone else’s position, advantages or possessions”. Does that ring a bell in your ears! If you know the signs of a jealous friend, you’ll know how to deal with them courteously not to fall into their trap.

Friends are great right! A friend supports us in times of need and comforts us in times of sorrow. These are signs of a genuine friend. Don’t forget that a friend can also be jealous of you, be a thorn in your flesh, and an impediment to your progress in life. There is a big difference between experiencing feelings of jealousy occasionally and being an inherently jealous person. They can create a negative feeling between both of you. This is exactly what this article is about. “Signs Of A Jealous Friend.”

Signs Of A Jealous Friend #1

Fake Compliments

Signs Of A Jealous Friend

The number one on our list here is fake compliments. Jealous friends always give fake compliments. Let’s say you got married, or you secure a new job or you buy your dream car or house. A lot of friends may give congratulatory messages. So how do you know which is genuine and that of a fake and a jealous friend? Look straight into their eyes when they talk to you. The words are not coming out well.

Watch out the way they pretend to smile while talking to you, jealousy is all written on their faces. They feel some kind of uneasiness within themselves. Be open, you can even feel it within yourself that this person does not mean well for you.

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Signs Of A Jealous Friend #2

See How Your Friend Value Your Achievements

How To Identify Your Fake Friends Easily - 7 Signs of Fake Friends

Jealous friends are always jealous about things they could not accomplish themselves. Instead of giving you that compliment and congratulatory message for the good news or success, they tend to downgrade it. It simply means they’re jealous of you. You just bought a new car, at the sight of it, what emanates from your friend’s mouth is “this car is outdated; I am expecting the latest next month.” Something that they can’t do.

Again, assuming you pass all your exam papers with A’s, a jealous friend will tell you that their papers are more difficult than yours that’s why you’re able to obtain those grades. So if your friend does not value your achievements but rather looks down upon it as if it’s nothing, it’s a great sign your friend is jealous of you.

Signs Of A Jealous Friend #3

Positive or Negative Energy

Signs Of A Jealous Friend

If you read this article from the beginning, you’ll realize that the first point links to the second one. So is the third point linked to the second point. When you looking for signs of a jealous friend; ascertain whether you feel free within yourself at the mere sight of your friend. If you feel a sharp cut in your heart, if you feel like dodging, if you feel like giving an excuse not to discuss anything with your friend, it’s a sign that they are fake, negative, or jealous.

The reason behind the negative energy is just to discourage you from something valuable you intend to achieve. They just don’t want to see you succeed let alone leave them behind. They’re okay if they are ahead of you, or at least on the same page, but the opposite is not fine with them. If you can’t hear words like “okay, try that one out”; “keep going” or “let’s do it”. But you hear, “oo, this will never work” “who does that” or “just forget it”. It’s a very serious sign your friend is jealous of you!

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Signs Of A Jealous Friend #4

See If Your Friend Withdraws From You

Ooh, you just moved a pace forward, just one step ahead of your friend and you don’t see your friend as often as it used to be. Jealousy has engulfed them. They can’t stand it, they wish it were them not you. You don’t deserve to be where you are. They don’t just get it how you made it. They will withdraw from you. They will find the funniest excuse not to be seeing you often. If you see your friend pulling away from you, especially during your green days, it means a reminder of what they could not achieve hence the jealousy.

Signs Of A Jealous Friend #5

Examine If Your Success Stories Irritates Them

Hi there, one of the surest ways to know if your friend is jealous of you is to examine if your success stories hurt them. Jealousy does not embrace the good news of others. For instance, if people are praising you for the good work done, a jealous friend will jump in and say, “That’s okay, is he the only one that has done that? Many have done it before him; it’s not a big deal.” Success stories irritate a jealous friend hence those forms of words will come out of their mouth.

Signs Of A Jealous Friend #6

Just Listen To Their Grievances

A jealous friend will have complaints about injustice, inequality between him and you. They can’t comprehend why things are going your way and not them. Listen, you’ll find some kind of grievances about unfairness. “Charlie, things are working out for you, some of us are left behind.” They blame others for not succeeding, even you.

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Signs Of A Jealous Friend #7

See If They Belittle You When In-Group

Signs Of A Jealous Friend

To raise themselves above you, for them to be superior, they will belittle you in a group where you will feel almost valueless. Jealous friends will do anything just to compensate for the jealousy burning within them. Therefore, if this happens to you before, sorry, but be strong. They carry themselves out to be the best. Did you hear this before? “What happened that day was just luck that comes across your way.” If yes, it’s one of the signs your friend is jealous of you.

Signs Of A Jealous Friend #8

Check If Your Friend Tracks Your Progress

A jealous friend will intentionally give you a bad idea and then patiently track your movements. They want to see how far you’ve gone and what you intend to do next. They may continue to lead you in the wrong direction and later on apologize telling you that they don’t know their advice will lead to that bad situation you’re facing. They’ll go back home and rejoice and make merry. Those who fall, victim, are those who tell them what they plan to do shortly.

How To Deal With A Jealous Friend

Put your legs in their shoes and see how you’ll feel

Do encourage them they can also be successful just as you did.

Do not ridicule them when you’re one step ahead of them

Stay positive and don’t retaliate any bad act

It’s about them and not you

If you do all you can to salvage the friendship, flush them out, life is too short to be thinking about nonsense things. You deserve to be happy!