siamekope outreach report

At CVCO and our partnering NGO, (HDNP INT.) for this outreach, we believe that true felicity comes from giving. Being able to help is a privilege for us as a team, for it teaches us to be empathetic towards the needs of others.

At exactly 6:49 am, members of CVCO and HDNP Int. arrived in Adidome in the Central Tongu District as they cross over to the island to impact lives.

members of CVCO and HDNP Int. crossing the lake to Siamekope
Some members of CVCO and HDNP Int. Organization Crossing over to SIAMEKOPE

It was a moment of joy for some and scary for others as this was their first experience in a canoe and crossing over the river. The team finally landed at the island and got the place set for the activities to take place; that’s education, health screening, and donation.
At exactly 9:30 am the program commenced with a prayer by one of the opinion leaders and just after, an intensive education on the importance of EDUCATION was carried out by Mr. Samuel K. Numana.

He touched on the need for students to value their education as it’s the key to success. Parents among others were encouraged to support their wards to remain in school and focus on Studies.

A free medical health screening followed the mentorship education starting from the Registration table, Blood Pressure, Glucose level, Malaria testing, HIV screening, and treatment of minor ailments such as headache, simple Malaria, fever and among others.

Health Screening taking place at Siamekope

The moment everyone was waiting for finally came as they were in anticipation to receive the learning materials brought to them.

The president of CVCO, Mr. Boni Gustav, gave an inspirational message that “when three Magus (Wisemen) saw the miraculous star when Christ was born, they followed-up and give gifts unto him. Today, the star of Princess Agbovo has brought our entire team from all walks of life to come and bless you all here and we believe these scholarly materials will go a long way to help”.

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A total of 26 students were given learning materials and writing materials and these items were presented by members of CVCO and HDNP Int. Organization.

Mr Bonin Gustav, presenting stationery to a school girl
Boni Gustav, President, CVCO presenting some learning materials to Princess Agbovo, SIAMEKOPE

With much fulfillment, the program was brought to an end at 1:25 pm.

50 community members were screened and given holistic care and some were referred for further assessment and care.

In conclusion, we have realized Malaria being the communities’ number one problem followed by Hypertension.

The Community Vulnerable Organization (CVCO) in conjunction with HDNP International Organization would like to thank individuals and groups who have contributed toward the success of the outreach. May God Replenish all your losses.

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