Pamela Watara Dances with Her Big Chest in a Bedroom Video. It is time one entertains oneself in this Covid – 19 Pandemic, this is what Ghanaian Actress has done. Ghanaian actress and video vixen, Pamela Watara, will not stop amazing Ghanaians as she has taken over Instagram once again.

Pamela, who is noted for her heavy chest, has released a video from her closet.

She was captured in her bedroom showing off her dance moves as she joins the #showdemchallenge.

Pamela Watara Dances with Her Big Chest in a Bedroom Video

Pamela Watara

The controversial actress put her heavy chest on display as she shook them while dancing. Captioning the video, she wrote, “The #showdemchallenge is on. Nobody can beat me in this challenge. I dare anybody.”

As expected, Instagram users, who saw the video, couldn’t keep mute as they had this to say: @kolawski22: “Who will want to go to a challenge with you? I bet no other girl wants to carry these things upon their chest.”

@fidelisoffical: “How did your mama birth you with this kind of milk factory OMG.” @amoah2068: “Beautiful body sister.”

@j_a_g_17: “Absolutely beautiful.”

@ojuliusthecreator: “Wow! My favourite forever, but mooma you owe me follow back and I will be happy if you can follow me back.”

Watch the video below:


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