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Hi there, you want to find a new job right! People find a new job for several reasons. It’s either you’re working already and perhaps you don’t like the work environment, it’s toxic so you want to run away. On the other hand, it might also be that you’ve been fired from work and you need one immediately. Or you’ve just graduated from college and you need a job to start your corporate ladder. It does not matter the reason all that we want is to find a new job.

Finding a new job these days is not easy, the truth must be told. It might be partly due to the Coronavirus pandemic since most companies fold up leaving their employees redundant. However, do not instill that fear in you because companies are still hiring, just that the competition is high. Those that have the “links” and network of people have the upper hand over their peers. How do you start finding a new job?

If you’re already working and you think the work environment is toxic so you would like to leave, I will advise you to stay. Start your job search while managing your existing one. It‘s easier to find a new job while working than to be in the house and be looking for one. If only your life is not in danger, consider staying and search for a new job. What if you’re starting afresh, what must you do? Here are 9 Tips to find a new job and succeed.

How To Find A New Job

Preparing Yourself To Find A New Job

How To Find A New Job

You need to get prepared to put yourself in the mood, to feel confident and unblemished. You need to be courageous and have that winning mentality. These attitudes will be the force that will push you through the job-searching storm. Visit your social media pages and clean up every mess that you’ve posted there. Some hiring companies might browse through your social media pages to find more information about you when you applied for a job. Don’t forget your hygiene, I would not like to go into details here, it sometimes embarrassing!

How To Find A New Job

Targeting Your Resume and Cover Letter

Your new job search guide

How do employers know that you got the skills they are looking for? Your resume and cover letter will do that for you. A resume is a summary of your academic and work history. Hence, your resume must be perfect. It’s keyword-optimized, industry-specified, full of achievements, backed by data, and double-checked by an expert.

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It’s important to take the time to write targeted resumes and cover letters that specifically link your qualifications to the hiring criteria for the jobs you are applying for. The hiring manager will be able to see, at a glance, why and how you are qualified for the job. You’ll have a much better chance of getting an interview than if you merely sent a generic letter and resume.

How To Find A New Job

Connecting With People

How To Find A New Job; connecting with people

To find a new job quickly, make yourself a strong personal brand that portrays you in a professional light. This will provide recruiters, employers, and contacts with a strong positive impression of you as a candidate they should be interested in. I told my friend some time ago to type in the keyword of the job he is hunting for on his LinkedIn page and turn on the notification button as such. This way, when a new job is posted, you get notified, this has worked for him.

One of the best and proven methods to land a new job is through networking. If you’ve not built any network consisting of not only your friends at your level but also some high profiled people, do so now, it’s not too late. Update your LinkedIn profile and other professional networking sites. Turn on the notification button for the kind of job you’re looking for.

If you have the email address of your friends, send a message to them, you need a job. Even, a phone call will do the magic for you. Just connect with everyone you know, because you never know which contact may be able to help you with your job search or put you in touch with someone who can. If you’re a college graduate, check out the networking opportunities available for alumni from your university. Do you belong to a professional association? It will be another good source for networking leads. 

How To Find A New Job

Finding The Best Job Listings

How To Find A New Job

If your networks could not link you to any job, consider searching for Job listings, or use both. What are the best sites to use to find job openings fast? Check out job search engine sites, job banks, company websites, networking sites, niche job sites, and sites listed by type of job. Also, try working with a recruiter to maximize your opportunities.

Having a smart, experienced, knowledgeable, and well-connected recruiter working on your behalf can make all the difference in the world. They will help you find a new job easily. Top recruiters have deep relationships with companies and hiring managers. They’ll often know about open job requisitions before anyone else. Many times companies don’t aggressively advertise certain jobs and rely on recruiters to conduct stealth, under-the-radar searches for the appropriate candidates.

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You’ll gain tips on what the hiring managers want in a prospective employee, what you should avoid saying, and what are the hot buttons to push to ingratiate yourself with your future boss. Recruiters will smooth out any bumps in the road, advocate for you, and help with the awkward negotiating process. They’ll offer insider information about the hiring managers and corporate culture.

There are varieties of job apps on the Google Play Store, App Store, make good use of them. These apps will help you to expedite your job search. Use them to organize your job search and save valuable job searching time. You’ll be able to do many of your job search activities from your Smartphone or tablet. Review a list of the best job sites to use to get started.

Use the job search engines to find jobs by using keywords that match your interests and the location where you want to work. Narrowing your search criteria will help you focus your job search and will give you more relevant job listings to review and fewer non-relevant job listings to weed through. Use advanced search options to drill down to the location where you want to work and the specific positions you’re interested in.

How To Find A New Job

Researching Companies

How To Find A New Job

Create a list of companies you would like to work for. You may have some categories of companies your heart desired. Don’t fear, these are your target companies in your job search. Do thorough research and get all the vital information. The information you need is available on their websites, and it’s easy to find detailed information about these companies or potential employers.

Once you have a list of dream employers you would love to work for, you can do some special outreach to get your application noticed. You can upload your CV direct from those companies’ websites. You can even sign up to get email notifications for new job openings immediately after they are posted.

How To Find A New Job

Assessing Yourself

How To Find A New Job

Next, consider doing a self-assessment. Do you have any skills and experience to be considered for the job you seek? Make sure that you possess at least some of the skills, abilities, and experience required for the role you’re seeking. If you don’t have them, look into what you’ll need to learn to be considered.

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Ask yourself if you possess the passion for what you’re going after. This will give you the inner drive and strength to push you through the hard times to overcome all of the obstacles standing in your way. Ensure that the job you yearn for will meet a standard of pay that will make you happy. You don’t want to put in all the time and energy only to later learn that the compensation does not offer the type of lifestyle you desire.

How To Find A New Job

Preparing For Interview

How To Find A New Job

Taking the time, in advance, to prepare for an interview will help you succeed. The more prepared you are, the less stressful it will be. Review commonly asked interview questions and prepare answers to them. Think of questions to ask the interviewer. Research and learn all about the companies you plan on meeting with.

Some interviews are conducted face to face while some are done through video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom, due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Take some time to practice interviewing in this format. Dress appropriately, practice answering and asking interview questions, and make a concerted effort to impress the interviewer with your skills, experience, confidence, and expertise. 

How To Find A New Job

Following Up

How To Find A New Job

It’s important to follow up after an interview by thanking everyone you met. Also, reiterate your interest in the position and remind the hiring manager why you’re an excellent candidate for the job. Everyone likes to be appreciated, and a quick email or note thanking the interviewer for his or her time will give you another opportunity to make a good impression.

How To Find A New Job

Accepting Or Declining A Job Offer

How To Find A New Job

When you receive a job offer, it’s important to take the time to carefully evaluate the offer so you are making an educated decision to accept, or reject it.

You don’t have to accept a job just because it was offered to you, but do carefully evaluate it and if you decline, do so politely. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a “yes” or “no” decision. You may be able to negotiate the terms by making a counteroffer. Or, you may be able to negotiate some extra perks that would make the job more enticing.