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Your new job guide is here, with 12 top tips to ensure your success. You’re excited to have finally landed that new job you’ve been chasing for a while nowHowever, something cut your happiness short, how are you going to start this new job and succeed Will the existing workers receive me? How is the working environment? Is the work demanding? These and many other questions filled your mind and you start going crazy.

You felt like going to meet the new crush you’ve been chasing for long for the first time. Or you are traveling to a place for the first time. How will you manage the gaze that will be upon you when you step your feet inside your new work environment on your first day?

Most companies have job orientations but interestingly some don’t have at all. Even those that conduct job orientation for their new employees seem not to be enough. Here are 12 tips to ensure your success at your new job from your first day to the first weeks, months, and years. 

Your New Job Guide Tip #1

Believing In Yourself

new job guide: woman very confident

Believing in yourself is the key to succeeding in a new job and other facets of lifeHave a strong conviction that you’ll succeed, and you will! Indeed, you will face many challenges, making some petty mistakes here and there. Learn from your mistakes and others and improveAvoid repeating those same old mistakes

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Your New Job Guide Tip #2

Introducing Yourself To Your Teammates

introducing yourself to your teammates

In most cases, top management might introduce you to the entire working staff or your department alone. Even if that is done, don’t forget to formally introduce yourself to your work team. This builds confidence, trust, and a healthy working environment on the go. Ask them how the day is going and encourage them everything is fine. Let them know your full name and try to memorize theirs too. The next day when you report to work, try calling them by their names and accord them with the appropriate respect.

Your New Job Guide Tip #3

Navigating Your New Job Environment

be friendly

Locate the restrooms, the coffee, and water, the stairs and elevators, where you can eat lunch and take breaks, and seek out any other amenities this workplace offers. If you haven’t been given a tour, consider asking a colleague for one.

In this first week, you may also want to experiment with your commute: finding the right times to leave home and testing different routes or transportation methods. Identifying and establishing the routines early on will give you peace of mind.

Your New Job Guide Tip #4

Adapting To Your New Working Environment

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Your working culture might change as different companies have their own work culture. Prepare yourself both physically, psychologically, and emotionally to meet these new changes. You’re going to meet new people from different backgrounds with different characters. You need to have enough tolerance for them. A coworker can intentionally shake you on the first day, you need to be tough and don’t get intimidated.

Your New Job Guide Tip #5

Ask Vital Questions

asking questions

Ask questions regarding your new job. Don’t cage yourself, if you don’t understand anything, ask your superior or colleague for explanations. This will prevent you from making certain mistakes. You must also open up to them. Be approachable and be willing to work with them, don’t hold yourself back because you’re new on the job.

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Your New Job Guide Tip #6

Get To Know Your Role Well

happy working

Why do you think you were hired? To solve a problem, of course, get to know your core activities better.

Your New Job Guide Tip #7

Setting Your Working Boundaries

setting boundaries

Generally, some behaviors bring about a toxic work environment, such as gossiping and indulging in office politics. Something might have happened that led to the position you’re currently occupying vacant. Some of the existing workers may try to give you a gist of that and so many other things. Send a message to your team through your actions that you don’t like gossip and office politics. Set the boundary from day one of office. This way, they may know how to deal with you and vice versa.

Your New Job Guide Tip #8

Surrounding Yourself With Like-Minded Teammates

attracting people

As time passes by, identify those that resonate with you and befriend them. That is why it’s always good to stay positive as you attract who you are. Early in the morning find these people and exchange greetings. Why, with this act, you imbibe positive energy and your day will be productive.

Your New Job Guide Tip #9

Attracting Others

like-minded people

Work out your way so that your team and others not in your department will get attracted to you. Be honest in all your doings and be consistent. Send your reports on time and avoid unnecessary excuses. Your office apparel should be neat always and well ironed. Consider dressing moderately; wear a mild perfume. Smile at your teammates.

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Your New Job Guide Tip #10

Making Yourself Indispensable

making yourself indispensable

Make yourself indispensable, be the “go-to person.” To do this, learn how to execute your job well; accuracy and speed matter here. Then, identify the main challenges in the work environment and find solutions to them. Learn some petty things that may give you an edge over your colleagues.

Your New Job Guide Tip #11

Organizing Your Working Environment

neat office

Make your office as neat as possible. If you come to work and you realize the office cleaner hasn’t yet reported, do yourself the favor and clean up the office before commencing work. Don’t work in a dirty work environment. Dust off your computer keys board, the monitor, printer, and other working tools before starting work. Don’t leave your table cluttered. Arrange documents in their appropriate files. What you’re trying to do here is to make work easier and faster and prevent the stress that comes with working in a cluttered work environment.

Your New Job Guide Tip #12

Making Working Easier And Faster

working easier and faster

If you realize that, the job is somehow demanding and cumbersome, to the extent that the thought of coming to work even makes you sick. There is no need to worry; the simple trick is to break your job into smaller ones. From there, rate it in order of preference. Start executing your job from the top to down bit by bit. You’ll be amazed at how easier and faster your job will become.

With all these done, you’ll surely be promoted or you can apply for internal vacancy or better still, you may apply for a higher position else where!