Dr. Bawumia And NPP Develops Infrastructure Tracker Portal To Track And Know NPP Government Projects

Infrastructure Tracker Portal: Dr. Bawumia and his NPP government have taken it to the high level of technology as an “infrastructure tracker” portal has been developed to track infrastructure projects across the country.

This is the first of its kind in the country. The “infrastructure tracker” according to Dr. Bawumia will let each Ghanaian know what infrastructure has been completed and those ongoing.

The government Project delivery tracker is the first in Africa. All projects have digital addresses for easy location & accessibility. The portal can be accessed by the taxpayer; to know what the Government is doing with their monies.

Here are all that you need to know about the infrastructure tracker portal

1. With this infrastructure tracker, you can find out ongoing projects in your region or district

2. You can find completed projects in you region

3. The portal also can show all the ongoing projects and completed projects in the whole country

4. You can see the various projects, say a school or road or bridge or any other infrastructure

Dr Bawumia details how to track and know the NPP government’s projects using their “Infrastructure Tracker”.

” This is the infrastructure portal, it will tell you we have 17, 334 projects. We have 8,746 completed and 8,588 ongoing.

Now you may want to search and find out what it is we have done in the various regions. You can say Greater Accra, what infrastructure has been provided in Greater Accra.

So you go in and click “Greater Accra” we have 1186 projects, 699 completed and 487 ongoing…” Dr Bawumia discloses

Watch the video as Dr Bawumia details how to track and know the NPP government’s projects using their “Infrastructure Tracker Portal”


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