How to Ask Your Partner For Sex

How to “Ask Your Partner For Sex”: All of the feelings resulting from the urge to gratify sexual impulses, that is sex. While it is easy for some couples to initiate sex, some also find it difficult. On some occasions, you may realize that your sweetheart is not in the mood but you want it.

How do you ask your partner for sex? You need to be careful in order not to get your better half angered and refused you. That will be a terrible night for you right. There are many ways to ask your partner for sex and many ways you can explore to get your partner in the mood.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for Marriage Couples only. If you are not married, it is not for you. If you continue reading, I assume that you are learning it so that when you get married, you will apply it! Premarital sex is a sin before God!

Let’s get started now:

How to Ask Your Partner For Sex

1. If you want to ask your partner for sex, you need to start slowly, do not get desperate otherwise, you may irritate your partner. You know her already, touch her sensitive parts playfully, sooner, your partner will be in the mood.

2. Kiss is very powerful. A kiss is to touch with the lips or press the lips against someone’s mouth or other body parts as an expression of love, greeting, etc. when you gently kiss your partner, you are bonding him or her to you. It is natural. The next thing that will happen is sex.

How to Ask Your Partner For Sex

3. Take your baths together, that way there is the closeness between you and your partner. Play with your sweetheart and both of you will begin to feel like having sex. It is one of the best methods.

4. Love messages are a very powerful tool to employ to have your partner in the mood. Text your partner love messages, that is the way to ask your partner for sex in advance!. Your partner will be prepared for sex.

How to Ask Your Partner For Sex

5. Ask your partner if he or she is okay, start massaging your spouse’s body, gently. Your touches will surely arouse your sweetheart.

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6. Dressing plays a major role when it comes to sex. Some dresses may tell your partner that you are not in the mood for sex, and some dresses mean that you ask your partner for sex indirectly or you are in the mood for sex. By seeing a sexy dress, your partner may not do anything but just join in the game. The dress speaks for itself “I want sex, I want sex, I want sex”

How to Ask Your Partner For Sex

8. A good treatment brings joy to the marriage. Besides, happiness means happiness everywhere, even on the bed. Treat your partner well and he or she will naturally feel sexually attracted to you always.

10. Whisper sexy words into your partner’s ear. Continue to do that for some time and your partner will give in.

12. You can tease your partner by naked yourself, slowly, things will begin.

13. If you do not want to ask your partner for sex, you can do certain things that will let him or her know that you want sex. Women should hold their man’s hands and put them on their butt. Men may also unhook the bra of their sweetheart. These are some of the little things that you can do to ask your partner for sex.

How to Ask Your Partner For Sex

15. Speak with your eyes. Take sexy loot at your partner. This is another way to ask your partner for sex. By making eye contact you suggesting to your partner that both of you should have sex. This method works for some people quite well.

16. If you are bold enough and not shy, ask for sex from your partner directly. Make your partner understand your feelings. Yes, sometimes you just need to be straightforward to stop suffering alone in the sexual fire. Sometimes all you have to do is to open your mouth and say, “My love, sex me, NOW!”


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