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Signs He Is Cheating On You: You do not expect cheating to happen in your relationship but his recent behavior is making you think otherwise. It is ordinary not to want to acknowledge, it could be happening to you, so you may pay no attention to the signs. On the other hand, maybe the signs are there and you are eager to see them, but you do not even know what to look for.

If you are wondering whether he is cheating, I have outlined some points here that might help you. Cheating is a betrayal of your love you have for someone and it can be heartbreaking. Identifying the signs, early and resolving issues might help you before things get out of hand.

Signs He Is Cheating On You

1. He Calls You by the Wrong Name Unknowingly

Has he forgotten your name soon? Has he called you mistakenly by another name? One sign that your man is cheating on you is that he by mistake calls you by the wrong name. This means that this is what he is thinking about and unconsciously he says it aloud. The name of the lady he is seeing might probably remain in his memories and emanating out of his mouth unknowingly.

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Signs He Is Cheating On You

2. There Is A Scent Of Another Woman on Him

You know the perfumes that he uses and you are used to the smell, at the point when you begin to smell a different perfume on him or his dress, it is a great sign that he is cheating on you. Besides, if you realize that his clothes are freshly washed or he appeared to have showered when returning from town, it means that he is hiding something from you.

Again, when he comes back from town and wanting to shower before he will get near you or have anything to do with you, simply, he is cheating on you and he is doing everything possible to hide it from you. If you have seen a lipstick stains in his clothing somewhere, it is another great sign.

Signs He Is Cheating On You

3. He Busy And Stays Late At Work

One of the signs of a man cheating is that he suddenly seems very busy with work and comes home late than usual. If you check and you have seen that he has not been promoted nor have a change of work that is making him behave like that, then chances are high that he is cheating.

Signs He Is Cheating On You

4. He Does Not Reveal His Financial Transactions With You Anymore

It is logical; a man that is cheating will spend more. Your man will not let you know that he is spending money on someone else so he will hide bank statements and other financial documents from you. His phone is phone and laptop are password protected and you cannot check the balances.

Signs He Is Cheating On You

5. He Lies To You about His Whereabouts 

Your sweetheart has been going out frequently than usual and if you ask him, the answer is “to my friends.” Try to ask him again which of the friends, and tells you a specific fried, try contacting him and see if it is true but don’t tell his friend what is happening.

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Keep in mind that his friends are might be on his side and will most likely not tell you what he is up to. Be smart about the questions about the question you ask them and the answer they give. If you realize that, his friend(s) is not specific or not straight with what they say, chances are high that he is cheating on you.

Signs He Is Cheating On You

6. He Wants a Lot of Privacy for Himself

In relationships, boundaries are set to enable each partner to have his or her privacy. Each partner is expected to respect the privacy of the other. If you have seen that of late he wants a lot of privacy for himself than usual, this is a red flag. When you want to have some fun with him, he will answer back “I want to be left alone.” This is a sign that he is cheating and don‘t want you to find out!

Signs He Is Cheating On You

7. He than Usual Pays Attention to His Dressing and Looks 

If you notice that of late he pays attention to his dressing, looks, and keeps himself neat, it might be that he is seeing someone. If you better half suddenly pay attention to his dressing; by changing dresses quickly and looking well kept, it is a clear sign that he may be cheating. What are the reasons behind the change?

Signs He Is Cheating On You

8. You Do not Spend Enough Spend Time Together Again

You have spent quality time with each other for long and suddenly he limits the amount of time you spend together. The explanation to this is that he is spending time with the other woman so he does not have time for you anymore.

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Perhaps you may not understand what I am trying to say here, let me clarify further. Spending quality time with someone means that you value and cherish the person so much and that the person is of priority to you, do you now understand.

Signs He Is Cheating On You

9. You Feel It Naturally That Something Is Wrong

You know your man very well. If something is not going on well you will feel it within. It is by nature that when we are not feeling secure something within alerts us. If you have a suspicion your man is cheating on you, it might be true.

Otherwise, that thought will not come in the first place. If you used to have conviction in him and feel secure in your relationship but now his actions are causing you to be anxious, you need to believe your natural feeling.


While you are checking him, whether he is cheating, consider examining yourself, and see whether you are not doing something right. It is easier to point fingers and criticize someone than ourselves.

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