30 Check List She Does Not Want To Marry You

She doesn’t want to marry you signs are pretty much to figure out because women love the thought of marriage. They in most cases make the first moves when it comes to marriage. Wedding day is one of the biggest events in the lives of women and it’s always a happy thought to them.

You’re very excited for that day to come but wait, you feel something isn’t right. Things are not working well as you expected. Whiles, you’re trying hard for things to work for good, she doesn’t seem to be interested. The situation is worse if she does not disclose to face-to-face that she will not marry you.

Marriage and, therefore, relationships has to do with the heart and your emotions. Don’t take things as they are and don’t hesitate the necessary actions for good. There is no time to waste if she does not want to marry you. It’s worth the time to see if she wants marriage or not. By this, you may know you stand and the next decision. It will also help you to escape disappointments and broken hearts. You may check the list if she does not want to marry you for quick actions. 

30 Check List She Does Not Want To Marry You

Here are the 30 checklists she doesn’t want to marry you.

1. She is doesn’t want you to meet her family and she’s not interested to meet yours too

2. She always has an excuse to miss family gatherings

3. She doesn’t want to marry you if she avoids discussions about marriage

4. She always has excuses when you ask about the future

5. She is not interested in marriage if she makes fun of weddings and marriage

6.  She doesn’t want to marry if she does whatever she can to keep your lives separate

7. She doesn’t see you in the future with her

8. She changes the subject if you bring up the future

9. She doesn’t want to move in with you

10. She does not want to marry you if every time you talk about the future together, she smiles and nods

11. She does not tell her friends about getting married to you

12. She does not give a reasonable answer when you ask her how she feels about marriage

13. She does not want to marry you if she wants to break up with you every time you fight

14. She does not like the ideas of weddings and anything relating to it

15. She doesn’t want to marry you if she flirts with others in front of you

16. She does not talk about the future with you

17. She has not introduced you to her family

18. She does not miss you when you are gone

19. She does not make any first moves

20. She does not open up to you

21. She doesn’t want to marry you if her friends and family barely knows you

22. She intentionally doesn’t return your text or calls for a long time

23. She does not defend you if her friends or family does not like you

24. She rarely checks up on you

25. She does not want to listen to you

26. She got mad at you fast all the time

27. She doesn’t want to marry you if she makes you feel guilty for wanting a family

28. She introduces you without a title

29. She is not happy with you

30. You feel it within yourself she doesn’t want to marry you

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