Bad Things To Avoid Doing At Work

“Bad Things to Avoid Doing at Work”: Yea, this is what this article is all about. We do many things at work that are bad and we should avoid it. Some of the bad things are part of our lives and therefore, we don’t know that they are offending!

Many people start perfectly when they get employed but when they are used to the working environment then they forget to control themselves. To distinguish yourself in your professional career, you need to follow some things to avoid doing at work. So, in this article, here are 9 bad things to avoid doing at work.

Bad Things To Avoid Doing At Work

1. Telling Lies To Make Yourself An Angel

Bad Things To Avoid Doing At Work

The first point here on the list of bad things to avoid doing at work is “telling lies to make yourself an angel”. Ohh my goodness, this is common these days. The competition is hot and many want the job position that is empty or is about to be vacant. Just as you need to be promoted, so are the rest.

You want to be the boss’s favorite. When you cannot contain the competition, a bad mind set in. To put themselves in the lead, people lie against their fellow workers just to make themselves the angels, just to make themselves feel good. Even if they do not get the vacant position or the promotion, they are happy you also don’t get it.

No, do not be among them, don’t just do it! No matter how long it takes, you will be exposed; the truth will surely come out. It is bad and not professional; your nemesis will catch up with you sooner than you think. It is one of the bad things to avoid doing at work!

2. Come to Work When You’re Not Feeling Well To “Prove too good”

Bad Things To Avoid Doing At Work

Coming to work when sick is also in the list of bad things to avoid doing at work. Commitment is one of the qualities a professional worker should have. Despite your commitment to work, you need not come to work when you fall sick. There are many demerits associated with coming to work when sick.

You lose concentration and you tend to make certain mistakes some of which might cause you! Aside from that, some diseases are contagious; don’t be too good to spread that in the working environment. You may consider working from home and other alternatives.

Treat yourself well and be fit before reporting to work. It is ridiculous for some people to think that when they don’t come to work for even good reasons their positions might be taken. This is only true when the position you occupied is not taken genuinely and your conscience is worrying you.

3. Making Gossip Your Work

Bad Things To Avoid Doing At Work

Next on bad things to avoid doing at work is gossiping about colleagues. Gossiping is talking about someone else’s private or personal business to others. Gossips in most cases involve spreading negative or scandalous information even though it has not been confirmed to be true. You have not seen, you say you see, what you’ve not heard, you say, you heard it.

This kind of informal communication also entails polishing and exaggerating statements to go well with your plans. Gossips are pleasant to hear because it fulfills some bad desires in there. While you might feel good doing gossiping, it shows how unreliable you are.

When you are at work and you notice a coworker gossip about people to you, find a good way of dealing with such a person. Remember the saying, he who gossip about people to you will also gossip about you to people!

Gossips are not good; it brings contentions and bad feelings among coworkers. It also creates a toxic working environment. It is not good, it is one of the bad things to avoid doing at work if you want to progress in your profession.

4. Complain About Everything

Bad Things To Avoid Doing At Work

Complaining is part of the bad things to avoid doing at work. We all complain at some point in time. However, complaining excessively is the issue here. It is not always you should register your displeasure at things or people.

Why do you think you were employed, to solve problems and add value for the organization to achieve its aims and goals. Excessive complaints will expose how immature and incompetent you are. Do not be a complainer. Find a mature way of handling issues and people. Prove, and justify the reason why you are there.

5. Using Working Hours For Personal Calls And Social Media

Bad Things To Avoid Doing At Work

 You were not employed to spend working hours on personal calls, social media, or anything else that isn’t work-related. Most young women and men are guilty of this.

Because it is free, people pile up calls and conversations just to come to work and use company data and gadgets. They talk and chat for long hours starting from family to friends.

There is always someone watching you, beware! Social media these days is irresistible but you should avoid it whiles at work, you could get fired for it! These are all bad things to avoid doing at work!

6. Excessive And Unreasonable Wearing Of Perfumes And Cologne

Bad Things To Avoid Doing At Work

To continue on bad things to avoid doing at work is to stress that wearing excessive perfumes and cologne is not good. Some people are allergic to some perfumes. Therefore, you might consider using a mild level of perfume. The working environment is not for you alone.

Even if you are the owner of the business, you need not wear too much perfume or cologne for people to recognize and respect you. You work around people, let the working environment be fresh and neutral for everyone.

7. Sharing of Sensitive Information

Bad Things To Avoid Doing At Work

As part of bad things to avoid doing at work is the sharing of sensitive information. We need information here and there to work with. Without timely and correct information, we will find it difficult to work. However, some sensitive formation ought to be handled well.

For instance, any sensitive information from the sales and marketing department which the accounts department does not need as part of their information to work with should be kept at the sales and marketing alone. The information must flow, but directed to the right people at the right time and place.

8. Making The Office A Place Of Discussing Personal Life

Bad Things To Avoid Doing At Work

Making the office a place of discussing personal life is worth mentioning as bad things to avoid doing at work. Unless your work has to do with counseling and its related activities, you should not tend the working environment to a place of discussing family and relationship issues.

The office is not a marriage counseling room or psychological consultant where you tell your marriage issues from husband or wife to children to in-laws. The office is not a place neither to discuss relationships. Stay positive and be serious at work. You may confide in at least a person at your work for some personal issues but know how to deal and control it.

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9. Playing Music And Allowing Loud Noise At The Workplace

Bad Things To Avoid Doing At Work

The working environment is not your living room, hence, you should not play any music or any related sound that disrupts people of their work. Critical thinking and solving problems go on in the workplace. Consider using headphones when it has become necessary to do so.

Put your cell phone on silent or vibration mode and put it at a place where you can see it ring or feel it vibrate. Playing music, and making unnecessary noise are bad things to avoid doing at work!

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