A Fan of Jackie Appiah Proposes To Her As He Presents A Portrait of Her, Watch Video
A Fan of Jackie Appiah Proposes To Her As He Presents A Portrait of Her

Jackie Appiah a star actress in Ghana has one of her fans proposed to her in the video that has gone viral on social media. According to Jackie Appiah, the fan has been talking to her for a long time now.

Jackie is seen standing with the young man in the video who was dressed in a pink shirt. A third party, a female, could be heard asking the guy what his name was and who he was looking for after Jackie indicated that the guy had been stalking her for about six months at the time of the video.

“So this guy has been stalking me for the past six, seven months. Anytime I put up a snap (a video Snapchat) he finds out where my location is and he comes there,” Jackie stated

The guy then stated that he had moved all the from Kumasi to come and see Jackie because he loves her. In addition, he came bearing a pencil art portrait of the beautiful actress.

 “I’m from Kumasi. I’ve come and stayed in Accra because of her. I just want to see her and to talk to her,” the guy said and later unwrapped the portrait. Jackie Appiah, who sounded uncomfortable with the ‘fan love’ from the guy asked: “so now what do you want from me now?” The guy then responded “I love you” with Jackie retorting: “you love me?”



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