Signs Of A Genuine Friend

Signs of a genuine friend: A friend is a person you know well and regards with affection and trust, however, many turn out to be fake. I know you have a lot of friends but how many are genuine? Knowing those that are fake and genuine will help you direct your energy and time in the right direction. If you’re looking for “signs of a genuine friend”, then this article is for you.  Here are 7 signs of a genuine friend.

Signs Of A Genuine Friend

1. Genuine Friends Don’t Get Jealous When You Have Other Friends

Signs Of A Genuine Friend

Unlike bad friends who get jealous when you mingle with other friends, genuine friends understand that they don’t own your life hence they don’t get jealous when you’re around other friends. They don’t control who you make friends with but give you the space to pursue other friendships. Good friends know that they build an honest friendship with you so they feel confident in your friendship. They don’t match you here and there, even in their absence, your friendship with them still holds.

2. Genuine Friends Don’t Make Friends on Condition

Signs Of A Genuine Friend

To continue on signs of a genuine friend, see if you’re in a conditional friendship or not. Conditional friendship happens when someone tries to alter a part of your life before accepting to be your friend. If you don’t go to a particular school, or make a certain amount of cash, or reach a certain social status, they will not make friends with you.

In short, conditional friends set the terms and conditions upon which the friendship runs, if you don’t fit in, then bye. Genuine friends don’t make friendship on condition.  Genuine friends accept everything about you including your flaws. They don’t try to change any part of your personality before you fit into their friendship, no term, and conditions.

3. Genuine Friends Make You Feel Secure and Happy

Signs Of A Genuine Friend

You feel secure and happy when around genuine friends. Even in their absence, their thoughts make you feel more alive and feel being loved and understood. To see if you have genuine friends, ask yourself these questions after you hang out with your friends. Is there any positive connection between them and me? Do I feel drained and stressed? How do I feel about myself, do I feel bad about myself?

A yes to the last questions means fake friends but if you’re inspired and feel good about yourself then you’re with genuine friends. Feeling secure and happy around someone is one of the sure signs of a genuine friend if you happen to have one you have a treasure.

4. You Unburden Your Heart To Them And They Keep You Secrets

Signs Of A Genuine Friend

One of the signs of a genuine friend is that you can pour out your heart to them with confidence. They intend don’t disappoint you in keeping your secrets. Unlike fake friends, genuine friends will not reveal your secrets or use it to insult you if issues arise.

5. Genuine Friend Make Certain Sacrifices For You

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Genuine friend makes a certain vital sacrifice for you, which makes you like, trust, and rely on them. Where love, friendship, and other relationships are, there is always a sacrifice. If not what is the essence of the friendship. For instance, a genuine friend will make time out of busy schedules to see you even if you’re far away. If you’re hungry, they share the small one they have with you.

6. Genuine Friends Tell You The Truth In The Face

Signs Of A Genuine Friend

Can we say this indication of genuine friends telling the truth is the greatest sign of a genuine friend? Telling the truth is not easy especially when situations become critical. Only genuine friends can tell you an honest and candid opinion of things even if it hurts.

Genuine friends like you and want you to go far in life. They rebuke you even if you might not like it. They tell you the truth in the face even if you will hate them at that moment. The reason why genuine friends do that is for you to make the right choices in life for a better future.

7. Genuine Friends Are With You In Good Times And Through The Storms

Signs Of A Genuine Friend

Genuine friends will be with you in good times. They don’t feel jealous if you have stepped out of their level to a higher level in life but are rather happy with you. For fake friends, they want you to be at the same level as them and if things are going on well with you in life, they feel bad and jealous.

Further, genuine friends, are with you in the storm. Genuine friends will not only push you through the shadows but also comfort you and give you the hope of a brighter day. Fake friends pretend to commiserate with you but are happy with your predicaments.

Final thought On Signs of a genuine friend

If you’re looking for signs of a genuine friend, are you one yourself?


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