Signs Of A True Friend, The True Friend Checklist

A true friend is more than gold, it’s not easy to get one these days. True friends don’t come easily for some of us and there are many pretenders too. The people we spend our time with influence the quality of our lives. Therefore, it’s a good idea to choose wisely when it comes to friends.

Learning the signs of a true friend will help you know which of your friends are fake or real. You may like to flush out those that are toxic and keep true friends for a better life. Go through the true friend checklist, and separate the wolves from the sheep.

Here are 16 Signs Of A True Friend, The True Friend Checklist

Signs Of A True Friend, The True Friend Checklist

1. See if your friend is serious when the times for seriousness come. A true friend knows the times that you’re serious and being funny. They respect you for that and they don’t play expensive jokes.

2. A true friend is not scared to tell you the truth; can you confirm that for your friend? Even if it might hurt you, a true friend will not relent to tell you the truth when the need arises.

3. See if your friend sees you as a burden in times of need. Some call you their “friend” but when you’re in a critical situation and it seems you’re hopeless and in need, they leave you alone. They see you as a burden to them. However, a true friend sees your burden as theirs and helps you through it.

4. A genuine friend does not get jealous and avoid you when you move to a higher level in life, is that true for your friend? Can you tell if your friend is genuinely happy when you get, receive, or achieve something you truly desire? Anyone who is jealous and avoids you just because you’ve reached another level in life is not a true friend.

5. Is your friend there always, even in silence? A sign of a true friend is that they are with you even in silence.

6. Does your “true friend” hold on to grudges for long. Grudges may come, sure, but holding grudges for so long is not healthy for the friendship. Hence someone who does that is not qualified as a true friend.

 7. Does your friend listen to you? Does your friend hear you out, or always has the better side? True friends listen to each other!

8. Can you determine if the friendship is, mutual, or one-sided? Two or more people come to make friends; hence, it needs to be a mutual relationship with mutual benefits. When you make the majority of the efforts in the friendship, then, I am afraid, you don’t have a true friend.

9. Do you feel nervous and insecure when around your friend? A true friend is someone you feel as comfortable with as you do when you are by yourself, can you confirm this for your friend? If yes, you have a true friend.

10. How sure are you your friend keep your secrets even if issues pop up? True friends are those that still keep your secrets when issues and grudges surface. The fake ones will let the world hear!

11. A true friend tries his best to cheer you up when you’re down, is it yes for your friend?

12. Does your friend improve your life and vice versa? See if since the commencement of your friendship, you’re improving or it’s just stress. True friends improve one another lives.

13. Does your friend accept you for who you truly are without conditions? One of the greatest signs of a true friend is that they accept you for who you are. They don’t try to alter a part of your life to be friends with you. In other words, they don’t set conditions for the friendship to run on.

14. True friend recognizes and accepts the truth, is it true for your friend? A true friend accepts the truth in good faith even though it’s bitter.

15. Is your friend still your “friend” despite your choices in life? A true friend will not control you over your choices in life even though they may suggest. A fake friend will try to control your own life how they wish.

16. Does your friend walk to your aid when others are walking out? People you see when money comes are fake, people you see only when troubles come have a question mark. A true friend is the one who sticks to you in the valley of shadows of death and celebrates your achievements and successes.


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