To be more attractive is more than gold. You have several advantages over the average people near and far. It’s believed that those that are attractive earn up to 14 percent more money annually than their less attractive peers. To be more attractive is not just good-looking but eye-catching, having the power to arouse interest. You have the properties of a magnet; the ability to draw or pull if you’re more attractive. If you want to be more attractive, you ought to carry yourself in a certain way and build your charisma.

If you want to be more attractive, get along with me as we discussed a lot more below. “How to be more attractive”:

Having A Healthy Lifestyle

how to be more attractive

Having a healthy lifestyle is the way to go when you want to be more attractive. Eat well, a balanced diet of course. Eat on time and avoid sugary foods. What will you get if do these things? Your body will grow at a normal level. Your skin will glow, especially when you include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Be neat; take a shower at least twice a day. Use antibacterial intermittently, this will help do away with body odor. Body odor is something that drives people away so take note of that.

Do not bleach yourself or try altering the color of your skin. If you’re fair, dark, or white, maintain it. You can’t attract people when you’re fake! It might work initially, but when they get to know it later, your guess is right.

We’re on appearance, your apparels need not be expensive at all. Make sure you wash your dresses at the appropriate times, with no bad scent. Wear them if only you have them ironed. The way you appear in your dress counts a lot, so don’t miss out on this point. Your wardrobe should not be filled with loose or too tight dresses. When you wear a loose dress, you won’t look smart. This doesn’t mean you’ll wear dresses that are too tight to the body, it should be something that fits your body, normal level.

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Your shoes and other footwear must be clean and neat at all times. Consider keeping a small rug in your bag to dust off your shoes when appropriate.

To be more attractive, have your hair trimmed, don’t let it overgrow, as you may look bushy and unattractive. If you’re bearded, make sure your shave, or shape it well. Pay attention to these small points, it will make a significant difference.

If you’re a woman avoid wearing make-up, yes you heard me right. Many do that to cover their blemishes and so on. The point here is that you should consider maintaining your natural self. What do you think if someone sees you with make-ups and the other day with your natural face, differences might exist? Which are you? A mild exercise twice a week and meditations are okay to keep you in shape and clear your mind.

Other personal hygiene includes brushing flossing your teeth regularly. Your teeth should appear white, and with no scent, it attracts people a lot. Comb your hair and let the curls appear! Cut your nails short and clean. To be more attractive, personal hygiene is very critical.

Have Enough Sleep: Do you know that sleep can deprive you of your attractiveness? You’ll be more tired, bored, and less healthy when you refuse your body the amount of sleep it needs to function well. At least 6 to 8 hours of sleep is okay, but this is not fixed. The number of hours I need to sleep to feel okay is different from yours. Find yours and stick to it.

To conclude on this point is to say that your health is a huge contributing factor when it comes to attractiveness.

Using Body Language For Attraction

how to be more attractive through body language

Use your body language to be more attractive. Don’t cross your arms when talking, gesticulate on what you are saying. Don’t put your hands in your pocket while talking to people, this is a sign of disrespect. Look your audience in the eyes while talking and make sure they understand what you say. Using the body for attraction is a proven method most influential people in society use today.

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You can’t ignore to smile when you want to be more attractive. Smile here and there, in addition to making you interesting, it’s easy for people to approach you.

Attracting Through Listening

Ways To Be More Attractive To People

You need to listen to people; this is the only way to find out the value in what they say. In addition, listening also makes people feel a sense of belongingness. Please put your cell phone away, don’t play with it while someone is talking unless it becomes very necessary to do so. They will feel appreciated! Listening will also prevent you from making silly comments and asking foolish questions.

Attracting Through Character

Ways To Be More Attractive To People

To be more attractive, you need to be trusted. Trust is the trait of believing in the honesty and reliability of someone. You need it to attract people. How do you earn the trust of people? Consistency is the way to go. Be consistent in whatever you do. When you promise to be somewhere at a certain hour, make sure you get there as promised. When you promised your friend something, fulfill it on the due date. When you’re unsure about something, simply do not promise. Breaking promises will make people not to trust you.

Showing Confidence In Your Speeches

Ways To Be More Attractive To People

You need to show confidence in your speeches when you talk. Be bold, and use positive words. Don’t be someone who doesn’t seem to know what to say. Be fluent and avoid mistakes often. Make sure everyone around you hears what you say. Connect with them often when your speech is long. You may consider using words like “can you hear me” or “are you with me.”

You can also consider asking them questions regarding your presentation. Regarding questions and answers, answer those you think you know, be sincere if you are not sure about an answer to a question. Trust me, you’ll be more attractive to people soon.

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Having A Sense Of Humor And Been Humorous

Ways To Be More Attractive To People

Having a sense of humor and being humorous are related but different. You have a sense of humor if have the trait of appreciating and you’re humorous if you’re jovial. You will not attract people when always you frown your face as if something terrible is going to happen. Be open to people, crack one or two jokes to release tensions, that’s it! However, care must be taken; there some places where playing funny may not be encouraged. And don’t be too jovial to the extent of hurting someone.

Consider Helping People

Ways To Be More Attractive To People

Think of ways and means to help others in need. Assist; or be of service to someone who needs it. Helping is a way of contributing to the furtherance of something good or improving upon the condition of someone. You’ll get attracted to people when you start helping people especially, the vulnerable. Trust me on this, you’ll be more attractive sooner.

Treating And Respecting People

Ways To Be More Attractive To People

The way you regard and interact with people plays a crucial role when determining to be more attractive. The way you talk to people and generally deal with them remains in their memories forever. Give people the respect they deserve. Treat everyone you get in contact with well, don’t discriminate. You can’t tell where you’ll meet someone you don’t treat well somewhere.

Try To Be Mysterious

Be somehow mysterious; don’t let people read your next line of action, surprise people. Having an import neither apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence; beyond ordinary understanding is a great way to be more attractive to people.

Hanging Out With Attractive People

Ways To Be More Attractive To People

To be more attractive, hang out with others who are attractive. You’ll get attracted to people like yourself automatically, remember you attract who you are. Have your say in the comments section below!