Your relationship is not working or is falling apart when you least expected it. Should you find ways to save a struggling relationship or you call it, quit. If you give up, what is the guarantee that your next relationship will be free of challenges? It’s worth the effort to find solutions to challenges rather than running away from them.

You’ll become mentally strong and your relationship too will become better if you stand the test of times in a relationship. If you’re looking for ways to save a struggling relationship, you’ve come to the right place. Here, DeworldInsights through research has outlined tips to save a struggling relationship.

Challenges In A Relationship Are Inevitable

save a struggling relationship

I tell you the truth; there is not any perfect relationship on the surface of the earth. Husband and wife have their own, parents and children have their share, common friendships are not left out. Even conflicts exist in churches, spiritual organizations how much more physical ones. Challenges in relationships are unavoidable; it makes the relationship stronger and better when overcome.

I have said in one of my submissions that trees, robes, and green grasses don’t grow on top of mountains, but if the bend down and look over the valleys, you’ll see dense forests filled with tall trees and green grasses. This simply means that before you’ll grow in whatever relationship you’re in, you need to pass through some kind of challenges. A relationship without any challenge is not worth it, this sounds odd right. I am still stressing that all that you need to do is to find ways to salvage it when struggling or when things are not working well as expected! So how do you save a struggling relationship?

It will start From You

To save a struggling relationship, the one perceiving that something is wrong in the relationship is at the center of everything. Yes, it will all start with you; whether you want to salvage the relationship or call it, quit. When things are falling apart and you would like to fix it, you must be ready; prepare your mind both physically and emotionally.

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If you’re not open, if you’re not ready, if you’re not committed to saving a struggling relationship then indeed you can’t salvage it. Sometimes your partner too might see it, when your partner seems not to see what’s is happening, draw their attention to it. It’s when both of you are ready to save the relationship is when things will work well.

Avoid “The Blame Game”

Do you know that it’s always easier to point fingers at others for misfortune rather than yourself? The blaming game will not fix a ruining relationship but rather aggravate issues. If you blame your partner and your partner point finger at you, how can you save the relationship from falling? It is good to find the root cause though, but not to blame!

Finding The Cause Of A Struggling Relationship

save a struggling relationship

Finding the root cause of a failing relationship is the way to save a struggling relationship. If you find the root cause of the situation is then that you devise ways and means to uproot it, if not at all curtail it. The cause of a failing relationship can be due to internal and external factors. Evaluate the relationship from where you’ve started to where you are. You may ask several questions like:

  • Have we encountered this issue in our relationship before
  • How did we solve it when we first encountered it
  • How was our relationship like when we started
  • What is the difference between the relationship at the starting point and now?

Here is a list of possible causes of a struggling relationship

Your financial base is no longer strong

  • You expect a challenge-free relationship hence you’re not prepared to face any
  • You depend on your partner too much
  • Your sex life changed
  • Your ego is worrying you
  • Inadequate communication
  • Lack of respect for each other
  • Third parties interference
  • The list continues. . .
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How To Save A Struggling Relationship

save a struggling relationship

After finding the possible cause or causes, it’s now time to salvage the situation. Here’s a list of possible solutions:

Self Examination And Acceptance

To save a struggling relationship, it’s not advisable to take any hasty decisions to avoid regressions shortly. Find a quiet place and self-examine yourself. “Am I the one causing the troubles” or “which ways have I contributed to the ruining relationship?” if you’re the cause or a contributing factor, at this point just admit it and be open to talking about it to your partner. I know it’s not easy to admit faults let alone confessing them.

This is one of the biggest weaknesses of human beings since the beginning of creation, to shift blames rather than acknowledging it. How can Jesus Christ save you when don’t accept your weaknesses and surrender to him. Apologize to your partner and let them know how your act has brought a lot of pain to them and yourself. Promise to turn things around and be committed to it. If the fault is from both of you, then you must work hand in hand.

Communication Is Key

Communication is one of the basic elements required in a good relationship. Most often, when struggles begin, communication ceases. None of the partners is willing to talk to the other. This may be due to ego, each partner feeling to be superior. The blaming game too is part, where each partner thinks the other is the cause. Don’t stop communicating with your partner even if things are getting worse. That is the only way you can talk things over.

  • If your partner is doing something you don’t like, better voice it out and deal with it. Ask your partner too, about the challenge they are facing and talk about it. Hiding information and grievances will not save the situation but rather make it a hell.
  • Listen to your partner: Before you can understand your partner, you need to listen. If you don’t listen to your partner, it means you don’t value or accept them. It will hurt them. Make them feel a sense of relevance and make their opinions matter. You don’t know it all. Don’t pressure your partner to accept your decisions because you think is the best, do it together.
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Consider Not Involving Too Many Third Parties

When resolving relationship conflicts, try not to involve third parties in them. Involving third parties will not help unless it’s extremely important to do so. Why seeking advice outside is not ideal:

  • Not all information must be known by your friends or family
  • They may not understand the issue at hand
  • Some of them are even jealous of your relationship already; hence, they’ll just give you poison to kill it
  • They may find your weak points

I believe you both can do it if only you’re willing. Be sincere to yourself and be honest to your partner too.

Embrace Changes And Adapt

Some of the challenges are not anything but some changes that might occur over time. Here are some of the changes that could possibly occur:

  • You were pretty young when you start the relationship, hence your needs and wants changed now
  • You now have a child or children
  • Pressure from work has increased; probably you’re elevated to a new position that‘s demanding
  • Failure to understand that opinions may change as time passes by
  • Your parents died
  • Financial status has changed

And the list continues, in all of the above, you need to embrace changes, adapt and adopt new ways of doing things.

Don’t Forget The Little Things

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  • Have fun together
  • Speak from your heart
  • Learn to compromise
  • Say “thank you” more often
  • Learn something new together
  • Place your partner above you
  • Respect for each other
  • Care and value your partner

Have you encountered any challenges in your relationship, how were you able to deal with them? Which other way do you think will save a struggling relationship? Have your say in the comments sections below!


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